Pass Underneath

Learn to pass underneath

Beneath all the layers
There’s a stream
It’s always been there
But the gaze was fixed outward
And swept away in the particulars
Leave them alone
They’re fine

Reach down through
and touch the stream
It will touch you too
You’ll know its sweet taste filling your mouth
Its fragrance filling your head
Its exquisite feel melting your body

Its endless breath will be your last
Its lush flow carrying you deeper
Its empty space dissolving your mind
Its unmovable stillness

You’ll never know how it came and went
But you’ll love it all


Pure Reflection

No measuring here
A straight seeing
A pure heart light
Contemplating her beauty
Then i knew where the gaze came from
Its purpose
A seeing for no other reason
than to reflect her beauty back to her

A Calling

I had a call today
It started on the inside
I could feel it
Beckoning me to turn and see
It reached out and touched me
How could i resist such sweetness
My was she a shining beauty
A new body here
Light shining through unimpeded
It met my inner gaze
How we both loved it so

A Meeting

I could gaze upon that face for days
What sweetness is it that i see?
So captivated
I could barely hear a word she said
A tickle in my heart
A deepened gaze
This attraction has me
There’s nothing i can do
It has its own movement

To see the heart light of a woman shine through her eyes
Such ineffable beauty
If she should ever look at me directly
she’ll know that i’ve seen her
and i know she’s seen me
She penetrates me when she looks from that place
There is no better remedy for a busy mind

If only we would let it really move us
The heart light would shine all the way through
This world would transform in an instant
It’s no fanciful dream but a seed of reality
Those beautiful and shattering instants of opening
Are a call from the real to fall in its arms